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CYT resumes! 
 The new term of CYT resumes on the 12th September

Tough As Old Boots 
New Production August 2023 

Did you know that Crediton once produced leather boots for everyone from British soldiers to Australian gold miners? Crediton Youth Theatre’s new musical delves into the murky, competitive world of the Industrial Revolution. It is the 1850s and the Crediton shoemaking trade is flourishing. Mr Elston and Mr Gimblett are both vying to be the King of Footwear, and the rivalry intensifies as orders flood in from home and abroad. Add in romantic rivalry, as the heirs to the two cobbling fortunes pursue Miss Prunella Pridehome, a beautiful Music Hall artiste, and the stage is set for a stormy showdown where only the leather-hearted will prevail. Meanwhile, Prunella’s brother is dreaming of fortune half a world away...  

Well done to all who took part!  Members can watch the show via the members page 




Covid-19 safety 

We do our best to comply with the latest guidance on social distancing, hand hygiene etc. Where necessary we will divide the group into two smaller groups to keep numbers at a safe level. We remain flexible and rely on members to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and others. 

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