Hopping Mad!

A brand new musical production. 8th - 10th June 2017, Newcombes Meadow, Crediton.

Hopping Mad is an exciting historical musical set in the hop fields of Kent, between the wars.

The story: in 1932, a group of hop pickers from London descend on the village of Claygate, in Kent, for their annual working holiday. Joining them are a band of travelling gypsies, who travel the countryside as work and the seasons dictate, and the enthusiastic volunteers of the Salvation Army, who are keen to offer the hop pickers soap, soup and salvation from their drunken ways. Eventually, tensions between the incomers and the locals are heightened to the point where something has to give, which it does with dramatic consequences.

At its heart, Hopping Mad is a love story between Tom, a lad from the East End, and Silver, a beautiful gypsy girl. She knows Tom only from the previous year when he tried, in vain, to save her younger sister Lily from a fire which broke out one night amongst the caravans. Now, a year on, they are older and love is blossoming. However, age-old rivalries and suspicions threaten to split them apart forever, along with the truth of what actually happened that fateful night...

Hopping Mad explores themes of intolerance, community and family, as well as touching on religion and the rise of the abstinence movement. It is also a lot of fun, with a series of humorous and show-stopping tunes, including the bawdy ‘My Hop Husband’, the wistful ‘Summer’s Gone’ and the joyous gospel number, ‘Hopping Mad’.

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